Programme Manager
Bidya Maharjan is a graduate in Health Studies and Sociology from Swansea, UK. She garnered valuable practical knowledge abroad, working in a psychiatric hospital. While in the UK, she was also involved in the activities of the Alzheimer’s Society. In Nepal, she believes in protecting the rights of the mentally ill and helping them prosper to the fullest.

Finance/ Admin Officer
Surendra Panday has a Bachelor’s degree in Law and a Master’s degrees in Political Science and Sociology. He advocates on human rights and promotes the welfare of mentally ill people. For many years he has worked in the mental health arena having been a part of Chhahari Nepal from its inception. His goal (and hope) is to be able to enhance Chhahari’s network far and wide.

Outreach Worker
Asmita Pariyar is a social worker with over a decade of experience. An advocate of women’s rights, she focuses on helping minorities and poor people suffering in the society. She is committed to raising awareness in the community about mental health and reaching individuals who are suffering, so that they receive ample help and support to outgrow any drawbacks.

Outreach Worker
Hikmat Budha Magar is our newest Staff in terms of experience in Mental Health. He joined Chhahari in 2016. However he has a keen aptitude to do whatever needs to be done. With his background in Science, he has a keen mind and is truly dedicated to his work.